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School Dynamics

School Dynamics is a comprehensive portfolio of student leadership, staff team development and business programmes for schools. Our experienced educationalists and business experts deliver proven leadership training, mentoring and coaching, while our marketing and business teams help you optimise your marketing and promotional activities. 

Our experienced team is made up of educationalists – former Heads, Deputy Heads, Heads of Sixth Form – and business, marketing and communications experts.  We are working with schools and sixth-form colleges to deliver proven leadership training, mentoring and coaching incorporating the tools and techniques of inspirational leadership, and our expert marketing and business advisory team helps schools and colleges optimise their marketing and promotional activities.

School Dynamics provides development and support programmes for students, school and college staff teams and senior leadership teams. We deliver individual mentoring and coaching for newly-appointed Heads, Deputy Heads and Heads of Year – and teamworking, leadership development, presentation skills and confidence-building programmes for students, Prefects and Head Boys and Head Girls teams. 

Call 020 8582 2513 or send an enquiry from our Contact Us page and we will arrange a confidential discussion about how School Dynamics programmes can add value to your school or college.   

School Dynamics programmes for schools       

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