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Favourite quote today, from Elmore Leonard’s 10 rules on writing: No. 10 “Try to leave out the parts that readers tend to skip.”

Bid Dynamics


Bid Dynamics is for proposal people – and all about proposals.

Our Bid Dynamics division works with companies of all sizes from start-ups to some of the country’s major corporations.  Our clients bid for contracts across all sectors and we have teams specialising in government tendering, international proposals and training and developing bid managers and bid teams.

Our work is all about proposal people, what drives and inspires us, what unites and divides us, what motivates us to win – and what we’ve learned from years of working on proposals, pitches and tenders.  For too long the proposal industry has focused on process improvement and re-engineering, automation and methodologies instead of the people who are central to winning business.  We say you can’t commoditise proposal professionals,  the future isn’t about products or software; it’s always and only about the people.

If you’re looking for a bidding-by-numbers guide, process diagrams or a collection of career-best checklists, please move along – there’s nothing for you here!  But if you’re looking for a celebration of proposal professionals and the wit and wisdom of bidding, the essential guide to being an excellent bid manager or bid team contributor and delivering excellent winning proposals, working with Bid Dynamics could be just what you need.  

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Bid Dynamics      Bid Dynamics - all about proposals

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