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Review: The Baskervilles cartoon show

According to the publicity for this new cartoon, the Baskervilles are a ‘fanatically average’ British family who go to a theme park called Underworld where ‘Boss’, the owner, wants to turn them into evil nasties.  It’s in the early-teens timeslot so I asked some early teens for comment.  “Boring – no action” was the consensus and, interestingly, a real concern expressed that characters were being called “stupid” and “idiot” and that there was talk of stalking.

Sorry then, Baskervilles, thumbs down: the tribe has spoken.  There are some clever touches though: the dog Spot (the hound of the Baskervilles, geddit?) is the size of an armchair so you couldn’t fail to spot him.  The spot theme continues with the dastardly Scarlet Pimple – ‘They seek him here, they seek him there’ – although most teens don’t have problems finding pimples and our teen viewers missed the connection anyway.

The best part for us: the evil Boss takes over all the TV networks and young April Baskerville is horrified to see his face on every station as she zaps at the TV with her remote control.  “Oh no,” she shrieks, “all the channels are the same”.  It’s called growing up, kid…

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